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How do I check for latest updates of Mailbutler?

Here at Mailbutler, we work to ensure that our product is maintained as a stable and efficient plugin for our customers. Here are some ways to keep abreast with the latest improvements.

How to receive the latest updates

  1. Whenever a new update is released, you will receive a notification prompting you to accept and install the latest improvements.
  2. Click on Install Update to receive the update. You can also opt to automatically download and install updates in the future by ticking the box.Screenshot of Mailbutler update notification with release notes

How to manually check for Mailbutler updates

Think you might have missed a notification? No worries. You can manually check for recent Mailbutler updates by following the steps below:

Apple Mail

Click on the Mailbutler icon on the right-hand side of your menu. Next, click the settings icon and select Check for Updates…

Screenshot of Mailbutler updates link in the Apple mail menu bar

Mailbutler’s Chrome extension for Gmail is always updated automatically.

In rare scenarios, if you need to manually update to the latest version, please remove the extension on your browser and reinstall it again from Chrome web store, or your Dashboard.

  1.  Right-click on the Mailbutler icon and select ‘Remove from Chrome…’.remove-chrome-mailbutler
  2.  Reinstall the extension from Chrome web store.


Mailbutler’s add-in for Outlook is always updated automatically.

As Mailbutler for Outlook is not installed locally but rather added to your account, you will always be using the latest version with no need to manually update the add-in.

Where to check for release notes

Each notification you receive will have release notes highlighting the improvements and bug fixes in the update.

In addition, you can easily check for the latest feature additions and bug fixes by clicking here.

Get in touch

Connect with us on social media via @Mailbutler on Twitter or on Facebook.

If you have technical questions or need support, visit support.mailbutler.io. We are always happy to help!

Updated on 20 January, 2020

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