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How do I use Attachment Reminder?

Mailbutler’s Attachment Reminder prevents you from sending a message in which a mentioned attachment is not included. This article shows you how to use Attachment Reminder and how to configure it in Dashboard.

How Attachment Reminder works

Apple Mail

If you mentioned a keyword ( eg. attached, attachment etc) in your email but forget to attach the file, Mailbutler will remind you to include an attachment after you hit send.

screenshot of Attachment reminder popup in Apple mail


screenshot of attachment reminder popup in Gmail

How to set up Attachment Reminder

  1. Login to your Mailbutler Dashboard (https://bowtie.mailbutler.io/).
  2. At the top right corner, click on the menu link next to your Name and go to Preferences.
    screenshot of Preferences link on Dashboard menu
  3. Under the General tab, locate Enable attachment reminder and add custom keywords making sure to separate the keywords with a comma. 
    Screenshot of attachment reminder setting on Mailbutler dashboard
Updated on 15 February, 2019

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