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What is included in my Mailbutler 14-day trial?

We want to make sure you get the chance to try all of Mailbutler’s inbox-enhancing tools before deciding on any subscription plans.

This is why after registering for a new account and confirming your email address, you will automatically activate your free 14-day trial.

Your 14-day trial gives you unlimited access and usage to all of Mailbutler’s features included in our two subscription plans: Mailbutler Professional and Business.

Will my credit card get charged after the trial?

No. There is no credit card or payment info needed to activate your free trial. Go ahead and try out every feature you are interested in!

What happens to my account after my trial is over?

Your free trial will automatically expire after 14 days. You can either:

Mailbutler Essential is our most basic free plan, which allows you to use paid features for limited actions per month.Your data will remain in your account after your trial has expired.

Can I extend my free trial?

Perhaps you did not get the chance to try out Mailbutler within your first 14 days? Or you are hoping to test it further with your team and colleagues?

Whatever reasons there might be: write our team and let us know your request. We’re happy to help!

How do I get started?

If you’re ready to go, simply register for a new account, install the plugin on your preferred email client – and start using Mailbutler with your newly activated free trial!

Updated on 23 August, 2019

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